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What We Do

We Develop Extensions

We help manufacturers build customized extensions for their sales process in order to work smarter, reduce manual mistakes, shorten lead-time and win more bids. It is critical to any business that the sales tools in use, line up with the way you do business.

We Integrate Extensions

Make sure your organization is in sync with your sales process. By integrating your extension to your ERP-solution, production could act more efficiently and ultimately reduce the risk or order mistakes and lower costs.

We Maintain Extensions

As technology progresses and new functions and features are added to the core software, we make sure your extension is upgraded and ready to take advantage of those improvements.


We Streamline Your Data

CET Designer is the professional end-user tool for your sales people and engineers. Since all your product data is available in your extension, we can also re-use it for other third party solutions, e.g. a web shop or mobile applications.


The CET Platform

Home To Complex Products

Complex products generates a trail of challenges to solve in your sales process, and the risk for manual mistakes is often high and costly  – We reduce (and sometimes eliminate) many of those challenges for you and your organization.

Instead of re-drawing a layout or navigating through manual steps to prepare an order for production, we use algorithms and programming to make sure complex products always are configured, calculated  and translated correctly. We enable your sales people and engineers work faster in the sales process and lower your costs.

We achieve this by utilizing the CET platform, a technology developed by Configura, that contains all the necessary tools to create, control, market and sell your products.




Join our team!

We’re Growing

Whether if you are a freelancer towards the CET platform or a programmer that is looking for your next challenge, we would love to connect with you. Send us an email to or click “contact us” below to set up a call.

Remote Work Is Our Specialty

We work with partners all over the world and support a remote workflow. People in our team have the freedom to work from home, on the road or in a co-working space.

We Believe In The Team

Focusing on creating awesome extensions also leads to new problem solving and awareness for our partners goals. We value new way of thinking and encourage to challenge the perspectives in the solutions we build. That’s how we create value for both parties.

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